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3 Print Motifs That Will Make Your Towel A Treasure

2018 is here and so has new print trends. When it comes to towels, little to almost no attention is paid to its appearance. But not anymore! People are relying on top print trends to beautify the towels and give them a new appeal. An appeal which makes them a treasure! 

Want to know what motifs are we talking about? Keep reading to know more. 60s floral printsIf you were going to argue that all floral prints are the same, well, you were mistaken. The biggest difference between the 60s floral prints with the other floral prints are the shape, size, and color. The era of the 60s was known for having a distinct fashion statement. The floral prints from that era undoubtedly have a unique appeal. Mainly using hues of orange, blue and green, the flowers come in different shapes. 
The towels with the 60s floral prints will make you happy every time you take a shower. Monochrome polka dots Look at the history of print trends and you will find polka dots right there, at the top, sitting with pride,…
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3 Reasons Why Egyptian Cotton Towels Are The Best

Much praise has been made in lieu of Egyptian cotton bath towels but seldom do we understand the reason behind its massive popularity. 
Here is a list of reasons stated that highlights the reasons for its growing admiration. High qualityEgyptian cotton is known for its exceptionally high-quality make and the towels are no different. Egyptian towels are characterized by long fibers, which make them fluffy and absorbent. They are extremely soft to touch which results in a pleasant sensation on the skin. Further, they are characterized by their incredible durability. So use them daily for years, and wash them carefully twice a month, the towels will retain their qualities just as new. Can come in a vast range of colorsRemember those white towels; well most of them were Egyptian towels. They used to be manufactured solely in the pristine shade of white, but in recent years, wholesale bath towelmanufacturers have combined a wide range of colors to the products to give them an exceptionally fi…

The Newest Range Of Beach Towels for 2018 Will Catch Your Attention

New Year is here, and this is the best time to enjoy the beach vacations. The month of January is pleasant, and lets the beach lovers get tanned without any inconvenience.

But have you packed your bags with the most essential items? 

The beach towels are must haves for the beach vacations, apart from the sunscreen lotions and bikinis or shorts. You are supposed to carry the newest range of beach towels along with you for this vacation that are crafted by the leading wholesalers who specialize in the production of custom beach towels.
Here are some of the trending styles this year. Multi colored stripes  You can go for the bright and colorful multi colored striped beach towels that come in different shades and tonal schemes. These towels are very preppy and exude the funkiest looks. The tie and dye If you want something timeless, get the tie and dry printed towels that are crafted by the tie and dye printing method, giving way to the classic motif. Slogan towels  Just like the super trendy…

Are beach towels good enough as a replacement for bath towels?

The official beach season is over, but the work of a beach towel is not. Can a beach towel be used as a replacement for bath towels? Here is taking a look at a few parameters that will help you reach a decision.
Size:When it comes to towels, size does matter. When it comes to beach towels, they are generally longer than the other variations. Though one can argue that a beach towel is perfectly competent for being used after a bath, you have to understand their sizes differ a lot. While an average bath towel is 27 to 52 inches long, a bath towel can be as long as 70 inches. That is too much when you have a small bathroom, but perfect when you have to wrap it around your body.

Absorbency:Beach towels are thinner in their construction than bath towels. And as the thumb rule of towels go- the thicker the towels are, the better they can absorb moisture. Since bath towels are subjected to more water, it is thus important for them to be absorbent. Beach towels as mentioned are thin and thus so…

Oasis Towels, The Most Celebrated Kitchen Towels Bulk Wholesale Hub

Oasis Towels,  the most celebrated kitchen towels bulk wholesale hub of the world has come forward with the most varied range of products to adorn your kitchens. Retailers must add them to their stores to entice the housewives, at wholesale affordable rates.  

These towels come in the form of hand towels, which are preppy and funky to look exhibiting a wide array of designs and styles, from the single colored ones, to printed ones, plaids, embroidered and much more.  These hand towels are best, as they are made of high quality materials, making them very functional and absorbing moisture effectively. These towels come in an arrayof styles and designs , from the plain ones, to dark colored towels, the checks , the prints , stitched ones and much more.These towels are very uber –cool, and being made of soft and smooth materials, they are very easy onmoisture absorption. You can get them customized too, and for this go through their policies at http://www.oasistowels,com/towels-store/.

The Wholesale Fitness Towel Range by Oasis Towels, The Leading Wholesaler

Get hold of the newest Sports Towels Wholesale range from Oasis Towels, one of the top towel manufacturers of the world , with offices in UK, US, Canada, Australia and worldwide. 

With age old experience in this field and high class expertise from the textile industry, this wholesale hub designs, customizes, manufacturers and customizes the fitness towels for the bull buyers. 
These towels come in an array of designs, colors, styles and prints and made of the best materials for quick absorption of sweat and moisture, rendering a great post shower experience. These are soft and smooth , and do not cause any irritation on the skin and all the products are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, thus ensuring the towel’s plush demeanor and ease of use. Thus go to Oasistowels,com and check out the products.