Monday, 23 October 2017

3 places where towels are a must

Towels have been serving mankind since their inception in the Ottoman Empire and later with their introduction in the western culture. This household item is pivotal without which the world will fall. Though the need of a towel is almost in all aspects of life, there are a few places which require it at large. They can be categorized as follows: 

  •  Kitchen - This is a known fact that without towels, maintain a kitchen will become next to impossible. They not only absorb moist, but are great at removing grease, oil and dirt from the kitchen towels. They can also be used to cover food. 

  •  Beach - Though it is almost like stating the obvious, but no trip to beach can be complete without a towel. They are the most essential accessory that not only speaks of one’s personal style preference, but also acts as the most convenient item.
  • Salon - A salon is literally the extension of the boudoir where trained professionals treat people to extravagance. And no dressing room ritual can be complete without a set of good moist absorbing towels. Salon towels wholesale can be purchased from manufacturers of the same in a variety of colors and patterns.
Thus, it can be very well-established that every aspect of human life is dependent on towels. The best of wholesale towel can be purchased by the retailers from the top manufacturers of towel Oasis Towels. They are categorized into different types that will spoil you for a choice.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Oasis Towels, The Most Celebrated Kitchen Towels Bulk Wholesale Hub

Oasis Towels,  the most celebrated kitchen towels bulk wholesale hub of the world has come forward with the most varied range of products to adorn your kitchens. Retailers must add them to their stores to entice the housewives, at wholesale affordable rates.  

Wholesale Kitchen Towels

These towels come in the form of hand towels, which are preppy and funky to look exhibiting a wide array of designs and styles, from the single colored ones, to printed ones, plaids, embroidered and much more.  These hand towels are best, as they are made of high quality materials, making them very functional and absorbing moisture effectively. These towels come in an array  of styles and designs , from the plain ones, to dark colored towels, the checks , the prints , stitched ones and much more.   These towels are very uber –cool, and being made of soft and smooth materials, they are very easy on  moisture absorption. You can get them customized too, and for this go through their policies at http://www.oasistowels,com/towels-store/.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Wholesale Fitness Towel Range by Oasis Towels, The Leading Wholesaler

Get hold of the newest Sports Towels Wholesale range from Oasis Towels, one of the top towel manufacturers of the world , with offices in UK, US, Canada, Australia and worldwide. 

Sports Towels Wholesale

With age old experience in this field and high class expertise from the textile industry, this wholesale hub designs, customizes, manufacturers and customizes the fitness towels for the bull buyers. 

These towels come in an array of designs, colors, styles and prints and made of the best materials for quick absorption of sweat and moisture, rendering a great post shower experience. These are soft and smooth , and do not cause any irritation on the skin and all the products are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, thus ensuring the towel’s plush demeanor and ease of use. Thus go to Oasistowels,com and check out the products.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Microfiber Towels are the Ideal Travel Partners

Traveling light is always preferred when going out for a weekend getaway or taking a vacation. Too many bags or heavy luggage can become a real hassle. For intrepid travelers who like to explore the destination inside and out, bulky luggage would only be a hindrance to that. Hence, the inception of microfiber towels is a boon to travel enthusiasts!

 Microfiber towels are considered as the perfect companion for adventures and travels. These towels are extremely lightweight and it can be neatly folded to fit into small and tight spaces. Not just for traveling, these towels are great for athletes and gym addicts too as it is easy to carry it around and takes care of bathing needs.

Microfiber Towel Manufacturers

 Microfiber Towels are Highly Absorbent 

This is one of the top reasons why microfiber towels are preferred over cotton. It quickly absorbs huge volumes of water and perfect for times when one is in a rush to dry up fast. In addition, the strands of fiber are excellently small and fine which makes these towels smooth, soft and velvety to touch. Microfiber towels manufacturers are manufacturing these towels in voluminous quantity owing to its huge popularity and demand.

 Dries Up Equally Fast!! 

Not only does it absorb moisture and water like a beast but it also dries up super quick. Ordinary towels can take hours to dry up but these towels only take a short period of time. While traveling, no one would want to wait for the towel to dry up so that they can pack it up and be on their way. This makes microfiber towels the best option!

Myriad Hued Towels Available 

Plain white bath towels are boring! Microfiber towels manufacturers offers towels in such a great variety of colors featuring excellent designs, patterns and motifs. It can be flaunted with great ease while traveling, out on the field or lounging in the swimming pool area.

 They are truly the best choice for wide uses. Stock up in bulk!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Top Bath Towels in 2016 to Consider Investing In

Towels are an everyday essential for homes as well as for hotels that hope to pamper guests and not allow them to feel homesick for even a second. Now, towels have had a major upgrade over the years - from being essentials that help to keep people clean and dry, it also helps to jazz up bathroom decor. We have rounded up some of the best and in-demand bath towels in 2016 that you can consider when thinking of spicing up your towel collection.

Bath Towels Wholesale
Bath Towels Wholesale 

Turkish Towels Offering a Spa Feeling

Towels made from 100% Turkish towels are highly absorbent, sturdy and wonderfully soft. These towels are also eco-friendly and promise to enhance the bathing experience by a few notches.

Egyptian Cotton Towels for Hotels in Riveting Colors

Hotels need to stock up on towels that are luxuriously soft and smooth and give guests the feeling that they're being wrapped around by a tuft of cloud. 100% Egyptian cotton offers a somewhat similar effect. Available in distinct and vivid colors, it will help to also improve the bathroom decor of the hotel. Looking to promote your brand name? Get in touch with bath towel manufacturers and customize bath sheets incorporating business name, logo and such other details.

Towel Sets in Intriguing Prints

Since the time that towels started being available in gorgeous colors and motifs, it has become a wonderful gifting option. Bath towel sets make for wonderful gifts for newlyweds as well as corporate gifts.

Hooded, Capes or Wrap-around Bath Towels

Kids are usually extremely fussy during bath-times and it is a very strenuous exercise for parents. To make bath-time fun and exciting, bath towel manufacturers have rolled out attention-grabbing bathing sheets that feature hoods, animal ears, styled as capes or wrap-around. It makes the wee one be able to play out the characters that they love so much - be Batman wearing a cape, be a rabbit in animal ear bath towel and so on. The towels also feature sublimation prints of popular cartoon and anime characters, games the little ones enjoys such as tic-tac-toe and such other lively prints and patterns.

Stock up on the latest and hottest styles of bathing towels to make bathing an invigorating activity that everyone from kids to adults would be looking forward to! 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Beach Towels Are More than an Essential...It Makes a Statement!

If you are a beach-freak and vacationing is on your mind, then you better get your beach accessories up-to-date! A lot of people forget the statement that a chic beach towel makes. it doesn't matter if you're planning to spend your holiday by the lake, pool, ocean or even stay perched up on a lawn chair in your own backyard, a beach towel can help to protect you from the heat and dry you after a quick mid-afternoon dip.

Discount Beach Towels

For your next getaway, here is a list of trendy and popular discount beach towels for kids through to adults that will surely help you nail that beach-look!

Cape, Animal Ears and All of That...

Kids absolutely love beach-time because it means sand castles, running around and splashing about in the water. To add a bit more excitement to beach-time fun, designers and manufacturers have improved towels for kids by adding animal ears and capes in addition to myriad hues and cute Disney and other cute prints and motifs that children can relate with and would not throw tantrums when it's time to get out of the water and get dried up! The cape-styled towels are specifically for Batman and Superman fans. Even hooded towels with pockets are quite popular among the wee ones. 

Quirky and Abstract Prints for Grown-ups

Reversible towels are hugely popular among adults. Both sides of the towels can be used. These towels are available in bright hues and tones featuring distinct prints and motifs such as psychedelic, abstract, fun and quirky, nautical stripes and other patterns that will prep up beach-time. Beach towels with funny and witty writings on it seem to be trending as well.

 Custom Beach Towels

Fitness and sports events organizers have found a new way of attracting attention - custom beach towels. It carries the name and logo of the company along with other design details and it is an effective marketing strategy, not to mention, inexpensive. It is also a great gifting option!

Since the sun is still burning hot, you still have time to make the most of this season. Grab those discount beach towels in bulk and have some much-needed break!