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3 Print Motifs That Will Make Your Towel A Treasure

2018 is here and so has new print trends. When it comes to towels, little to almost no attention is paid to its appearance. But not anymore! People are relying on top print trends to beautify the towels and give them a new appeal. An appeal which makes them a treasure! 

Want to know what motifs are we talking about? Keep reading to know more. 60s floral printsIf you were going to argue that all floral prints are the same, well, you were mistaken. The biggest difference between the 60s floral prints with the other floral prints are the shape, size, and color. The era of the 60s was known for having a distinct fashion statement. The floral prints from that era undoubtedly have a unique appeal. Mainly using hues of orange, blue and green, the flowers come in different shapes. 
The towels with the 60s floral prints will make you happy every time you take a shower. Monochrome polka dots Look at the history of print trends and you will find polka dots right there, at the top, sitting with pride,…