Monday, 14 March 2016

Here’s why The Hospitality Industry Is Switching To Organic Towels

Organic fibers usually refer to the naturally grown fabric materials that do not use harmful substances like chemicals and pesticides in the process of their production. These are also the fibers that are completely free of anything synthetic starting from bleach to ink or anything else as such. At present, there is a steady demand for these organic materials from different sections of the society starting from individual households to the mighty hospitality industry. Of late, the impact of organic materials has been observed and acclaimed in the sphere of towels whether bath, sports, beach or anything else for that matter.

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Usage of organic towels has been instrumental in assisting people with allergies to have the best of bath and beach experience. Hotels that house these options are also witnessed to gain steady preference in comparison with others and that too for all the right reasons. The fact that the hotels are conscious about the extended comfort of guests makes them score more in the good books of all. Besides the matter of enhanced comfort, organic hotel towels have also given much necessary push to the environment friendly attitude of hotels and spas and even restaurants which is cherished by all.

While the usage of all things organic whether towels or bed sheets has been making headlines over the past few years, not many can deny the fact that they can be slightly more expensive that the regular options. This has in fact, contributed to enhancing expenses in the part of the hotels using the same. But, considering the longevity and durability of these options, the costs do get equalized over the months or even years of usage. This is in fact, one of the many reasons that has prompted the entirety of the hospitality industry to consider making a permanent switch to organic towels.  

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Infusing Style to Healthy Organic Towels Wholesale

One of the biggest USPs of organic towels is that they are very healthy. Devoid of any chemicals, as is the case with other types and varieties, these towels are perfect for skin- especially that of newborns’. Many people go for these organic towels solely for this reason. But that does not necessarily mean, unlike years ago, you shouldn’t prioritize the look of your organic towels wholesale .

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Why the look of organic towels matter?

Back then organic towels were only purposed for the newborn and kids. But that has changed today; young and adults are rooting for them as well. And according to them, the best organic towels are the ones, which, along with being healthy, must also look beautiful. This is why small businesses and bulk buyers must ensure their wholesale is good looking- unless, of course, they want to keep their overall demand rate still.
Besides, outdoor varieties like organic cotton beach towel are supposed to be stylish and good looking.

Bank on Sublimation

Dye sublimation has been nothing short of blessings in the fabric and fashion industry. This printing method, unlike others, doesn’t use harmful chemicals. This makes them perfect, not just for organic hotel towels or beach, bath and kids’ towels, but for nearly every clothing item that needs infusion of style and boldness to them.
So this print can sure notch up the look of your organic cotton towels wholesale… if customized well.

Spice things up with personalization

If you’re buying organic bath towels made in USA or by any US based manufacturer, you might already get ample of stylish varieties to choose from; but, if not, customization option can be a very handy tool for you.
You can juggle with different shades and designs on your organic towels wholesale to make them look uber cool and trendy- just how the young consumers want everything to be. And if all things are done well, you can sure jump-up the demands of your towels to new levels with very less effort.