Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hand towels are a ‘handy-partner’ of Mankind!

Towels have been men’ beloved companion for ages and as the famous author: Douglas Adams, revealed importance of towels in his book “The Hitchhiker’ Guide to the Galaxy”, fans have since then celebrated Towel Day, every year on 25th May. Well! Though towels can be amusingly, wrapped around for warmth or for a hand-to-hand fight, utility of towel are more significant, especially for a healthy life.

Rightly said by the author; towel play a vital role in our daily life and is used as a multi-purpose tool. Significantly hand towels have found place in every home, gym or for travel, due to the various advantages, it holds. Manufacturers, who have boosted their towel production and provided bulk bathing towels and gym towels so long, are also paying special care, in producing bulk hand towels, of varied comfortable fabrics.
Understanding the speedy growth of the market, manufacturers have introduced several wholesale schemes, as hand towels wholesale; targeting maximum gains. Hand towels are widely used for multiple uses, say for drying bodies at gym, drying hairs after bath, or even used after a quick face wash during travel. Therefore purchasing wholesale hand towels are definitely a wise thing for consumers.

Wholesale Hand Towels
Hand towels come in colors and variety adding the interesting and utility factor to it. For instance, manufacturers have introduced pocket hand towels which could be easily used at gym, or say at a salon or even at kitchen, for that matter. While you are at gym you can keep your mobile phone!

Bulk Hand Towels
When it comes to using hand towels, we must not forget about its hygiene. Easy to use hand towels can also be cleaned with much ease.  While using vinegar or baking soda can de-stink your towels while disinfectants can bring your towels to health.