Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bring Marketing Efforts Alive with Customized Sublimated Towels

One of the many challenges of maintaining a successful business is continually patronizing clients while gaining as much popularity as possible among new clientele. Over the years, marketing has come a long way and what was once limited to only print advertisements has transcended and found its way to new and improved media of advertising such as tote bags, pens, tees and definitely towels. To secure customers' loyalty towards your products and services, you would continuously have to think about innovative ways to impress the target audience.
Customized Sublimated Towels
One of the most effective ways of marketing a brand is through the use of promotional products such as towels. It is one of the everyday necessities that everybody uses and needs. Giving out promotional towels to potential customers is a great way of extending your appreciation to your customers' support towards your business. Dye sublimation towels are one of the best options when it comes to boosting business. Here's why.

No Dearth of Space, Better Exposure
Bath or beach towels are fairly large and company's logo, slogans and business message can all be printed visibly in personalized sublimation towels. With better visibility, there will be less chance of your brand name being missed.

Ample Opportunities for Customization
Dye sublimation is a novel new digital printing technique that offers unlimited design possibilities. In a sublimation towel, you can not only include your business name, logo and message but you can also make it more attractive by including exciting design elements, funky color combinations and striking styles.

Sublimated Towels are Long-lasting
Sublimation is a printing method that infuses the ink with the fibers and makes it one with the fabric. The print cannot be felt otherwise. It does not interfere with the properties of the fabric as well and the towel retains its absorbency and plush feature. It lasts longer and even after multiple washes, the prints do not fade or crack. 

Get in touch with eminent sublimation manufacturers to help you give a tangible shape to your promotional marketing dreams.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Promotional Towels: Functional And Stylish Way To Promote Your Brand

If you run a business and looking for ways to improve your visibility, then one of the most least obvious choices would be personalized towels. You might turn to business cards as a promotional tool. But then, the competition is strife and only the fittest would survive. Business cards are something that hundred other businesses are using to promote their brand. What are you doing different?

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Promotional Towels Stand Out in the Crowd

When everybody is thinking about investing in creating lavish ad campaigns, huge billboards and creative business cards, you can surprise your target audience by presenting them with personalized hand, bath or beach towels carrying your corporate brand name and logo. This will really make you memorable in the minds of your potential customers. Towels are used in the most intimate ways and that is definitely going to leave a lasting impression. Now, for people to actually use the promotional gift you are giving them, the towels should not just function great but should look awesome too. This is where you can get in touch with manufacturers to get sublimated towels featuring bright, rich color, prints and designs.

Higher Visibility

Custom sublimated towels have a lot of space where you can not only put your brand name and logo but also a corporate message that you wish to communicate to your potential customers or clients. A beach towel carrying your business name is much more powerful than a billboard and costs only a fraction of the price. You can create hand, beach, golf, salon or gym towels carrying your brand's message. Though you will be paying for it once but the towel will be representing your brand every time it is used. Your brand name will even be showcased when it's handing out on the laundry line!
A well-designed sublimated towel with your business name will help to always keep you in the thoughts of your customers. Hotel owners can also think of re-decorating their bathrooms with plush, promotional towels from leading manufacturers. A smart way to save money would be to place bulk order.