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Are beach towels good enough as a replacement for bath towels?

The official beach season is over, but the work of a beach towel is not. Can a beach towel be used as a replacement for bath towels? Here is taking a look at a few parameters that will help you reach a decision.
Size:When it comes to towels, size does matter. When it comes to beach towels, they are generally longer than the other variations. Though one can argue that a beach towel is perfectly competent for being used after a bath, you have to understand their sizes differ a lot. While an average bath towel is 27 to 52 inches long, a bath towel can be as long as 70 inches. That is too much when you have a small bathroom, but perfect when you have to wrap it around your body.

Absorbency:Beach towels are thinner in their construction than bath towels. And as the thumb rule of towels go- the thicker the towels are, the better they can absorb moisture. Since bath towels are subjected to more water, it is thus important for them to be absorbent. Beach towels as mentioned are thin and thus so…