Thursday, 23 June 2016

Parents Thank Cute Kids Towels For Helping Them With THIS!

The world of kids’ towels have changed dramatically over the past few years with newer better cuter and most importantly more affordable options making their way to the stores. An very large group of parents all over the world have claimed to be very innovative with these options and have also expressed their gratitude towards the same for helping them with certain otherwise grueling aspects of their life around children.

  • To begin with, almost all users of cute and attention grabbing kids towels have claimed that these options are the best motivation for their children / toddlers to take a bath! Favorite Disney characters, cartoons, cute animals, flowers and many more happen to incite a sense of elation in the little bundles of happiness to hit the bathtubs with absolutely no pushing or dragging. For many parents, this is near miracle.

  • Secondly, a day at the pool or the sea could not have been any easier than with fun kids towels. More and more kids towels manufacturers are coming up with special range of options especially designed for pool sides and sea. This is a welcome relief for parents who otherwise have to deal more with ‘chlorine in my eyes’ and ‘sand in my pants’ issues than enjoy the bright sun and cool water.

  • Thirdly, kids’ towels gift sets have made the task of gifting on birthdays / festive season etc. easier than ever before. Let’s just say that the children love it and so do the parents. All the hard work that will ever be needed is to know which Disney / Cartoon character the child loves the most and the rest will be a gleeful chain of events.

The best part about these towels is the fact that they are available at affordable prices which makes it very easy for anyone to avail. Options are available aplenty through online and offline stores with motivated sellers wanting to throw in the best deals in the buyer’s favor. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Keep Your Hands Smelling Good with Hand Towels Wholesale

It is a common practice to wash your hands with soap and water before and after eating, using washroom or doing other activities which make your hands dirty. What you need immediately after washing are hand towels wholesale to dry your hands. However much the trend of paper towels sets in, hand towels are always going to stay for the comfort it has to offer. But at times these towels tend to smell musty which makes you wonder about proper hygiene. Here’s a guide so as to ensure you don’t have to face the problem of musty smelling hand towels.

Hand Towels Wholesale

Wash Towels Separately

Often, wat most people do is put all their clothes including sweaty shirts, undergarments and socks along with towels in the washing machine. This way your towels get affected by the dirt and sweat of other garments. Instead of smelling pleasant and fresh, then the same towels appear dirty and stale. To avoid this problem, all you need to do is wash your towels separately.

Always Air Dry if Possible

At times, even if you’ve washed your hand towel separately using the right way, it becomes smelly. This is because moisture stays inside the towel for long which renders it the foul and stale odour. Therefore, you must always air dry them if possible so that they dry up quickly and the musty smell doesn’t set in. Moreover, the heat of the dryer is hard on towels. But even if you have to rely on these dryers, then ensure you dry them on warm and not hot setting.

Choose your Towels Carefully

Lot depends on your selection of fabric for the towel. Towel that dries up rapidly and doesn’t hold too much of moisture stays odour free.

With an amazing range of hand towels wholesale available with reputed manufacturers and wholesalers online, now you can get these desired towels at super saving prices.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Buy Your Favourite Beach Accessory from Beach Towel Manufacturer

As summer comes, the beach starts crowding up as more and more people want to enjoy the soaked feel. For your beach outings, it is essential to have your beach accessories in place. Well, among all the beach accessories which you would need, you’ll think your beach wear including your bikinis and monokinis are of prime importance. But there’s something else besides also which is of great value for your beach day out and that’s lovely beach towels. These towels come in a plethora of size, colours, designs and texture which are readily available with beach towel manufacturer. Just in case you thought that these towels were only meant for keeping you dry, then that’s not so. These towels can be used in many other ways to make your beach vacation a memorable one.

Beach Towel Manufacturer

                        Colorful Beach Towels

  • Wear it like a Sarong

To complement your chic bikinis, you need a sarong. But at times it becomes difficult for you to   carry too many items to the beach. In that case, you can just carry a soft and colourful beach towel   which can double itself as a sarong.

  • Use it as Your Beach Sheet

Often you feel like sun bathing in the beach. In that case, you can just spread your beach towel and   lie down on it for a relaxing day out. It helps when you have these towels in bright and vibrant       hues as they add aesthetic value to your beach wear. Moreover, when you lie down over it, the towels then make for a picturesque background.

Wondering where you can pick up these beautiful beach towels from? For few pieces, you can look around in the retail outlets while for bulk need you can directly get in touch with beach towel manufacturer. There are manufacturers available online as well of which Oasis Towels is of good repute.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

These Towels Have Been Voted the Best in Hotels

The all inclusive luxury experience in hotels includes the type of towels they put up in the bathrooms. Say for example, if a certain hotel aiming for their 5th star offers limp and worn towels to their guests, they can be rest assured that the star would shoot farther away than they can ever reach. A recent survey conducted among regular hotel guests has dug deep into what guests consider best as far as their choice of towels in hotels is concerned and here’s what they have had to say…

Almost all of informed guests have expressed they prefer Organic towels in hotels that have bagged at least 4 to 5 stars under their banner. It is non-negotiable in hotels that have bagged 5 stars or above. Organic towels are not just for the sake of luxury and comfort but for the sake of environment and eco-friendliness as well. Bamboo towels are expected rather, very popular in spas while regular bath towels are expected to be no less than Egyptian cotton.

Besides the organic options, sublimation beach towels have also made it to the top preferred list of hotel towels. Guests who wish to enjoy the sun and sand always expect bright and light weight towels that dry fast and don’t retail sand while being visually attractive at the same time. More and more hotel towel manufacturers are focusing their time and innovative approaches to bring out the best of sublimation beach towels for hotels to make the most of.

Almost all guests who travel with their families including children expect hotels to stock high quality kids’ towels whether for everyday bath or for the beach / pool. Trying to pass grownup towels as kids’ towels is not accepted any more. a larger number of hotels are in the process of ensuring that this advantage is expended to families so that they can have the best possible hotel experience.