Monday, 28 December 2015

Carry The Right Towel For Your Baby While Holidaying!

Winters is the season of holidaying . With parenting getting difficult when you go for a trip, make sure you carry the right luggage for your baby. Making your baby take a bath is a difficult affair. On a trip, this task becomes tougher. Keeping your baby engaged to something while  bathing gets easier with the right kind of towels. And for babies who love to play with water, wrap them with the prettiest looking towels. Baby towels wholesale are supplied to retailers and business owners , keeping in mind the  holiday season. 

disney beach towels wholesale

Disney  prints 
Give way to your baby's whims and fancies with pretty disney towels.Wholesalers are supplying disney  towels to retailers in bulk, so you won't find it difficult to choose the right one. Printed with various cartoons, in bright and vibrant  shades of yellows and pinks, these cushy accessories are sure to give your baby a joy ride while bathing. baby towels wholesale come in crisp designs  into the market. 

Play with hue when hitting beaches

If you are out on a family vacation to a  beach, your kid will definitely enjoy taking a bath at the sea beach  under the sun. Why not give your baby a pleasant experience of it with  colorful beach towels? Wholesalers are pouring in fresh  stocks of  pretty beach towels in the market for the kids. They come in vibrant hues of pinks, yellows and blues with funny prints or patterns which elevated the mood of your kid.


Today fun bath wraps come in attractive designs with hoods. Wholesalers are upgrading the stock of towels with hooded ones in variety of shapes and colors. These hooded towels come in the form of different cartoon and animated characters being printed on them. 

Funky patterns

Wholesalers always keep in mind the characters and prints or patterns for towels, which kids will love while taking a bath on holidaying. Thus, a wide array of  prints are embroidered and embossed on these  towels to render them a lovely experience. 

Kids towels wholesale are always in insistence by retailers  to revive their stocks and be in accordance with the trends which the toddles would be addicted to. So, bathing on a holiday  becomes a colorful and playful affair  for kids and easier for moms. 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Let Sublimated Towels Accompany You To The Beach This Vacation !

Winter being the perfect time to go holidaying at the beach, make sure you have a pleasant bathing experience  there. To take a dip in the sea, let colors be your partner. Why not change your towel to get a vibrant feeling?  With  wholesale cheap sublimated towels   capturing the retail market today, holidaying at the beach will turn out to be a jovial affair. 

sublimated towels supplier

Close to nature

Love nature? Then sublimated towels with colors like blue, green , orange, yellow and prints of nature are your companion. Get closer to nature with these  . Vibrant hues on sublimated towel with polka dots  and other intricate graphics freshen up your mind effectively. Sublimated blue towels compliments your mood when you go on a trip to the beaches.  This emanates unique style and delivers tranquility  to your mind. They are undertaken as one of the finest in the collection. 


Monochromatic effect is quite in the state-of-art when it comes to sublimated towels. This effect can be brought out with the aid of dots or lines ,augmenting a  concrete look. People who are not fond of vibrant colors , can definitely go for monochromatic prints. 

Midnight effect

Sublimated towels have a numerous options when it comes to their colors or themes. If you want the midnight effect, then there are sublimated towels in purples and midnight blues which are dark and captivating. They are normally rich in hues and elucidates the effect of night.

Love is in the sir

Planning your date or honeymoon at the beach? Ensure a sublimated one in bright red or pink. Classic red not only looks stark, but also is very trend. Red being the color of love and romance, it gets you high on emotions. Black and red are sometimes dyed to get a rich shade of red.


Colors like red and white are mixed and dyed to get soft colors like brown and beige. They  look classy , signifying  zeal and zest. These dull colors symbolize accordance and neutrality . uplifting your mood to peacefulness. 

Sublimated towels suppliers are assuring the retail market with never ending stock and fresh materials every day. Retailers have enough options to establish new lines of these towels time-to-time. 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Customizing Sublimated Towel Wholesale to Complement the Holiday Spirit of the Customers

One of the biggest perks of sublimated towels and customization option is that it helps in targeting any group of audience more specifically. Small businesses steer the direction as to who they really want to target and how they can target them with more sufficiency. And since the holiday season is right around the corner- Christmas and New Year- many small businesses are customizing their bulk that complements the ecstatic spirit of this much anticipated month. Why? Because it sells far better than those plain and simple solid colored towels.

sublimated towel

So if this idea amuses and interest you- customizing wholesale into something that is relatable to Christmas- before you head out to order your bulk from sublimated towels suppliers, here are few pointers to remember.

Top manufacturers- Customizing your bulk isn’t a necessary step. Top manufacturers and suppliers always update their stock and add new and latest varieties. So chances are that their standard collection already has what you are seeking. So always buy your bulk from top and recognized sublimated towels suppliers.

Right colors- Many people relate Christmas to the red color. Maybe it’s because of what Santa Claus wears or whatever. So when you customize sublimation towels, customize them into red.

Imprints- During Christmas we see nearly every item with imprints of Santa Claus, reindeers and packed gift items. Such imprints are equally suitable on red or orange sublimated towel.

Right customer base- Even if it’s Christmas time, not many people would appreciate their towels with Santa Claus creepy smile on it. It might do great with the kids and teenagers but not necessarily with the elders. They simply might want a red towel with no graphics. So offering the right variety of customized towels to the right customer base is very important.

Remember the above pointers and you are just good to make the most of your customized sublimation towels this holiday season.  

Thursday, 26 November 2015

How Does Egyptian Towels Wholesale Gets An Edge Over Other Varieties?

It’s a general rule that each member in your family should have their own individual towels; recommended by doctors, it is healthy and hygienic. But in the crowd of so many types of towels, you could easily find yourself lost. Sublimation towels, Beach towels, organic towels, Turkish towels and this list can go on. But one particular type that stands out of all types, adored by millions of people around, is Egyptian cotton towels wholesale. A luxury towel that has truly set the benchmark in the industry- Egyptian cotton towels should be your prior choice.

Egyptian cotton at the epitome:

If there’s one particular thing that Egypt is renowned for, other than the pyramids and sphinx, it is their cotton. Egyptian cotton is hailed across the world and sits atop in the textile industry. There are many reasons behind that.

o   Strong fiber- Since this cotton is handpicked, fibers of Egyptian cotton are of very high quality and strong;

o    Very soft- This cotton type edge others by a large margin thanks to their softness. High quality, they are very soothing and relaxing;

o   Absorbing- The absorbing properties of Egyptian cotton is very high. They can soak up the moisture very easily and sufficiently;
Egyptian cotton bath towels wholesale

Luxury towels  

Thanks to their amazing properties, the Egyptian cotton is one of the most favorite fabrics for towel manufacturers.

Egyptian cotton bath towels wholesale, unlike most other types, are very soft and comforting. You get the sense of coziness when it touches your skin. Besides, they have comparatively more thread counts that help them soak up the water or sweat off your body very easily and sufficiently. So there shouldn’t really be any second opinion than to buy this luxurious towel and keep them at your home all the time.

Also if you own a retail store, you also get heaps of quality options from Egyptian towels manufacturers in terms of different colors, designs, shapes and sizes. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Customized Towels Makes Kids Stay Clean and Have a Gala Time at the Beach!

Going to the beach is one of the most wanted and fun activities that people engage in, especially during the summer season. It is a great place to chill, relax and unwind, and children absolutely love running about and making castles in the sand. This, for some, could be the only quality family time that they get to enjoy. But then going to the beach will not be complete if you do not carry one of the most important beach paraphernalia, a big beach towel. 

wholesale beach towels for kids

Towels Get a Fashion Makeover

Even adults today use towels as a fashion accessory so, why should the kids be far away? If you are thinking that your little one is going to be happy with a simple, solid colored beach towel, think again. He or she might just put the foot down and refuse to go to the beach altogether! Designers today are designing beach and bath towels in a wide array of hues, tones and designs that is extremely appealing to the kids. You could also get towels with hoodies! 

Towels Are Necessary

Beach towels actually have a lot of practical purposes. It is used to dry off after playing in the water and it is laid down on the hot sand as a cover and protection. To make kids excited about going to the beach, you could provide them with custom wholesale beach towels for kids with prints and designs resembling their own, unique personality and characters that they adore. 

Fun Towels Makes Bath-time Fun!

Children are always out there playing in the mud and getting themselves dirty. It must be a daunting task to get them all cleaned up! If you want your kid to be always ready for a bath, then get in touch with manufacturers offering personalized bath towels for kids. They would wash themselves just for the sake of using the gorgeous and comfortable towel. 

Towels are needed everywhere - from the bathroom to the beach and pool side. Get high-quality kids towels wholesale that will last en entire season and save a fortune!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Strategies to Do Better With Your Wholesale Bath Towels in This Industry

The industry of bath towels could be very uneven at times; sometimes the demand is skyrocketing, while other time the demand is as slow as tortoise, or even slower. And this is one major reason why any businesses don’t want to stock bulk bath towels, dreading the risks it carries with it.  

But this does not necessarily means that inventorying luxury bath towels wholesale is always bad or riskier choice. There are certain strategies that you can follow to drain out your bath towels bulk very smoothly and without any hassle.

Right manufacturers

Wholesale bath towels manufacturers is a key player in this industry; for it is them who are tasked to offer the kind wholesale bath towels in bulk that the end customer would love and appreciate the most. So the kind of manufacturers you buy your bath towels bulk from really decides which direction your business will sail- to the mighty horizon or to the sidelines of coasts.

And if you have selected the right, top and trusted manufacturers or wholesale bath towels suppliers, you will not only get the high quality bath towel wholesale, but also will be flooded with large number of amazing varieties.
 bath towels bulk
Right choice

Now that you are getting so many options, it is your task to choose the right kind of luxury bath towels wholesale; something that would fit in well with your customers’ demands and preferences. And the best way to fully understand what kind of towels your customers are demanding is to segregate them into different class and categories.

Age group- bath wraps are more appropriate for little kids; stylish sublimated patterns appeals the teens and youths the most; adults stick to the old-school, simple and standard towels.

Gender- unsurprisingly, women have different preference from that of men. They prefer color towels like pink and green, while men love blue, white and orange the most.

Sectors- the types of your customers vary. Some would demand towels for personal use, while other might order in bulks for hospitals, hotels or any clubs. Plus business houses might approach you for their own personalized wholesale luxury bath towels that they would use to promote their brand, product or service.

Sports or no- the demand of athletes and sports person are highly considered by wholesale bath towels manufacturers; they offer special type for them. So does you customer base includes any sporting clubs or athletes?

You can also be considerate of the season when buying your wholesale bath towels. All these methods and strategies can make your bulk more demandable and drain it out at comparatively lesser time without much of the hassle. 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Should You Stick With The Standard Kids Towels Wholesale Or Personalize It?

Although every towel is meant to fill in the same purpose, different people need different types, in terms of softness, color, shape, size and pattern. And of these people, the little kids are the hardest to satisfy; for their preferences are rather peculiar. So when buying kids towels wholesale, you have to be a bit extra considerate and attentive, after all the size of this customer base is too huge to not care and ignore.

Bath wraps
Bath wraps are, undoubtedly, the most popular item in this niche. And why shouldn’t they; these wraps are so very cute. The color variations and different shapes and sizes make them a ‘love at first sight’ for every kid. Batman and Disney bath wraps are most adored; blue and pink color variation and a hood make them very appropriate for both baby girls and boys.

Beach Towels
Wholesale kids beach towels are another type that is highly demanded. They come in large varieties. Mostly light in color, like ocean blue and yellow, they bear many adorable cartoon characters; Disney’s being the most popular. 
kids towels wholesale
But what out stand kids beach towels wholesale from other types is the quality of its fabrics. They are made from a range of high standard materials and processed in the most efficient machineries. This not only makes them very soft and soothing, but also improves their absorbent properties. Plus, these towels are very able in protecting the kid’s skin from getting skin burned, even in scorching heat.

All hail customization
Other than standard types, top manufacturers even offer personalized bath towels kids. This means that when standard types are not working well for you, you can always customize your kids towels wholesale. You can choose a variant of color combinations, use better graphics of different cartoon characters and cute animals; something that you are confident of will appease the parents and kids the most.

So considering the size of the micro-niche of this kids towel wholesale, you shouldn’t, at all, even dare to overlook it. Contact any top manufacture or supplier and order wholesale beach towels for kids or those amazing bath wraps. And when confused in the crowd of varieties, you can always opt for kids personalized bath towels. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Make your Cooking Easier with Bulk kitchen Towels

Kitchen work is tedious and involves lot of cleaning also besides the cooking part. One important thing without which the kitchen cannot function is bulk kitchen towels. You need towels in kitchen for many purpose. It could be to wipe your washed hands, clean your kitchen, and wipe your washed dishes and so much more. Whatever be its utility, one thing is ascertained that its importance is unquestionable. You would need to change your kitchen towels frequently owing to various reasons.

Becomes dirty

These towels become dirty easily owing to the waste that is constantly being produced in the kitchen and which has to be cleaned with these towels. As such, these towels can be washed and reused but after repeated uses, there comes a time when it needs replacement.

Wear and tear

Repeated use of these towels for cleaning the stove area surface and other parts of the kitchen subjects it to lot of wear and tear. Even the best quality of towels tend to tear after multiple uses. In such cases, you obviously have to think of a replacement.

Bad odor

Due to repeated cleaning in the kitchen area, the dirt gets absorbed into the towels which do not come out despite the best of efforts. These dirt then tend to give off bad odour. When this happens, it is suggested to change your kitchen towels to ensure hygiene.

Everyone wants kitchen to give you clean and hygienic food. For this purpose, bulk kitchen towels play an important role in both domestic and commercial set ups. Using good quality, clean towels ensures maintenance of hygiene in the kitchen. Since these are continuously required by all, it makes sense to buy them in large quantity. Even in retail sector these towels have great demand.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Microfiber Towels – Why Buy them For Your Store?

The market of cleaning products was revolutionized some years ago when microfiber towels was invented. Today, microfiber towels are being increasingly used for dusting and cleaning purposes. These have been proven to be useful in cleaning up oil stains. This fiber, right from the beginning, was regarded as far more capable than other fibers in the market. It is a high quality offering and is also quite inexpensive, which quickly made it very popular in the apparel industry. Towels made of microfibers have turned out to be extremely popular for everyday cleaning purposes at home due to its amazing cleaning abilities. As a home accessory store owner, you should buy and keep these in your stock due to the following reasons.

They are highly absorbent

These types of towels tend to have greater absorbency when compared to standard towels made of cotton. When pitted against traditional cotton, microfiber stands as an amazing alternative. This is the reason why it is used on dusting towels, sports apparels and microfiber towels. Towels constructed of microfiber have more amount of absorbency, and these are used often by gym-goers and sportspersons due to their effectiveness in wicking up sweat in a more effective manner.

These can dry up faster

Microfiber towels are usually more preferable for bathing purposes by those living in areas that are colder. This is because very cold climate needs bathing towels that can dry up faster after use. These types of towels, even at room temperatures, can dry up at a faster rate than conventional bath towels made of cotton. This prevents the absorbents from having a milder odor that can arise as a result of dampness. As they can dry up faster and used within a short time, swimmers can use the absorbents once more after washing them.

These tend to last for a longer duration
When compared to traditional absorbents, the average life span of those made of microfiber is found to be greater by multiple times when compared to that of standard cotton towels.
Microfiber has brought a true revolution to the world of cleaning products. It is regarded as the ideal cleaning material for wiping all traces of stains from upholstery and furniture. In case you have spilled some sauce or liquid on your table, a micro-fiber absorbent can be the perfect choice of cleaner for you to wipe all stains without leaving any trace.

They have complete cleaning ability

Microfiber absorbents are constructed of a blend of polymide and polyester, having a static charge. Due to this reason, they are able to attract a lot of pet hair, dirt and dust. The fiber is extremely efficient in attracting dirt and you can clean up even tough to clean spots simply with water. There is no need to use even cleaners. This is very useful for people who have one or more members who is sensitive to chemicals and suffers from asthma or any other similar breathing problem. Naturally, consumers like to use these absorbents. As a home accessory store owner, you can make a lot of profits with these absorbents.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Designer Luxuriant Wholesale Spa Towels for heap Purchase

Modern and trendy lifestyle products are the call of our times. With innumerable products being manufactured with definite conceptualization and custom inputs, the world of essential products like towels has also undergone a massive transformation.


Top rated and reputed towel manufacturers are now working harder by the hour to bring in most luxuriant variants of towels in all categories, be it regular sized ones or beach and spa towels. There are special facilities offered to bulk buyers to pick up wholesale spa towels at cost effective rates with easy payment policy that enhances buyer experience Moreover, manufacturers are well aware that custom made spa towels are making their presence felt at every center that specializes in client servicing and where there are huge lots of specialized towels required on a daily basis. 

So, most manufacturers are now applying specialized advanced technology to bring out high quality designer range of various types of towels that are easy maintenance and durable, along with being plush, soft and highly absorbent.

There are however facilities available to pick wholesale spa towels for only those who are:

 Owners of spas and resorts who need huge lots of such products
 Therapy center and alternative medical center owners who require bulk spa towels
 All business holders that require bulk or huge quantities of luxury towels
 All shop owners that require to buy such products in heaps

Owners of such specialized client service centers all across the world are now emphasizing on the type of towels utilized within their abodes. Most prefer only superior quality towels that have special color, lace, border, motif or emblem with logo of their center that brings on an added specialized feel and look to the entire ambience within.

With resorts and spas opening  like shooting up mushrooms by the day, the world within such specially created spaces has now  become a paradise of sorts, with luxuriant  spa towels making a splash with high designer appeal. It is indeed a win -win situation for bulk buyers and wholesale dealers that need good and super quality  spa towels at down market prices.