Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Beach Towels Are More than an Essential...It Makes a Statement!

If you are a beach-freak and vacationing is on your mind, then you better get your beach accessories up-to-date! A lot of people forget the statement that a chic beach towel makes. it doesn't matter if you're planning to spend your holiday by the lake, pool, ocean or even stay perched up on a lawn chair in your own backyard, a beach towel can help to protect you from the heat and dry you after a quick mid-afternoon dip.

Discount Beach Towels

For your next getaway, here is a list of trendy and popular discount beach towels for kids through to adults that will surely help you nail that beach-look!

Cape, Animal Ears and All of That...

Kids absolutely love beach-time because it means sand castles, running around and splashing about in the water. To add a bit more excitement to beach-time fun, designers and manufacturers have improved towels for kids by adding animal ears and capes in addition to myriad hues and cute Disney and other cute prints and motifs that children can relate with and would not throw tantrums when it's time to get out of the water and get dried up! The cape-styled towels are specifically for Batman and Superman fans. Even hooded towels with pockets are quite popular among the wee ones. 

Quirky and Abstract Prints for Grown-ups

Reversible towels are hugely popular among adults. Both sides of the towels can be used. These towels are available in bright hues and tones featuring distinct prints and motifs such as psychedelic, abstract, fun and quirky, nautical stripes and other patterns that will prep up beach-time. Beach towels with funny and witty writings on it seem to be trending as well.

 Custom Beach Towels

Fitness and sports events organizers have found a new way of attracting attention - custom beach towels. It carries the name and logo of the company along with other design details and it is an effective marketing strategy, not to mention, inexpensive. It is also a great gifting option!

Since the sun is still burning hot, you still have time to make the most of this season. Grab those discount beach towels in bulk and have some much-needed break! 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Take Help of Hand Towel Manufacturer to Get your Choices Right

What would be the most important entity in your bathroom, just beside your wash basin? You need not scratch your head to get the answer as it’s simply a hand towel. Needed on a day-to-day basis, these towels come in a plethora of fabric, texture, design, colour ad sizes. You’ll find all these varieties with hand towel manufacturer who keep making these hand towels based on demand and order. Most manufacturers offer the option for customization for bulk orders. But to enable to do so, you must know which desirable features you should have in your hand towel. Here’s a quick guide which will enlighten you on this subject.

Hand Towels Manufacturer

Quick Drying

Since hand towels are continuously used to wipe dry your washed hands, it is desirable that they should be quick to dry. Hung in the hand towel holders, the quick drying towels become fit for repeated use soon after previous one. Also, when you wash them, they dry up rapidly and can serve you again.

Say no to Offensive Odour

You might have come across hand towels which smell musty. In fact, you cannot use the towel owing to the offensive odour. This happens mostly with towels that absorb lot of water. Since they absorb more water, they need more time to dry. That results in a mildew smell. To avoid this problem, you should opt for towels which don’t absorb too much of water.

Colour and Designs

Well, this is more of a personal thing. If you own a retail store, then it is advisable you stock all possible varieties of colour and designs. Although white tends to look dirty sooner, but in hotels white towels is a norm. In fact, white towels are easier to clean and maintain since the problem of discolouration and fading is out of question.

These are few quick tips but when you go to any hand towel manufacturer, you’ll definitely get many more!