Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Microfiber Towels – Why Buy them For Your Store?

The market of cleaning products was revolutionized some years ago when microfiber towels was invented. Today, microfiber towels are being increasingly used for dusting and cleaning purposes. These have been proven to be useful in cleaning up oil stains. This fiber, right from the beginning, was regarded as far more capable than other fibers in the market. It is a high quality offering and is also quite inexpensive, which quickly made it very popular in the apparel industry. Towels made of microfibers have turned out to be extremely popular for everyday cleaning purposes at home due to its amazing cleaning abilities. As a home accessory store owner, you should buy and keep these in your stock due to the following reasons.

They are highly absorbent

These types of towels tend to have greater absorbency when compared to standard towels made of cotton. When pitted against traditional cotton, microfiber stands as an amazing alternative. This is the reason why it is used on dusting towels, sports apparels and microfiber towels. Towels constructed of microfiber have more amount of absorbency, and these are used often by gym-goers and sportspersons due to their effectiveness in wicking up sweat in a more effective manner.

These can dry up faster

Microfiber towels are usually more preferable for bathing purposes by those living in areas that are colder. This is because very cold climate needs bathing towels that can dry up faster after use. These types of towels, even at room temperatures, can dry up at a faster rate than conventional bath towels made of cotton. This prevents the absorbents from having a milder odor that can arise as a result of dampness. As they can dry up faster and used within a short time, swimmers can use the absorbents once more after washing them.

These tend to last for a longer duration
When compared to traditional absorbents, the average life span of those made of microfiber is found to be greater by multiple times when compared to that of standard cotton towels.
Microfiber has brought a true revolution to the world of cleaning products. It is regarded as the ideal cleaning material for wiping all traces of stains from upholstery and furniture. In case you have spilled some sauce or liquid on your table, a micro-fiber absorbent can be the perfect choice of cleaner for you to wipe all stains without leaving any trace.

They have complete cleaning ability

Microfiber absorbents are constructed of a blend of polymide and polyester, having a static charge. Due to this reason, they are able to attract a lot of pet hair, dirt and dust. The fiber is extremely efficient in attracting dirt and you can clean up even tough to clean spots simply with water. There is no need to use even cleaners. This is very useful for people who have one or more members who is sensitive to chemicals and suffers from asthma or any other similar breathing problem. Naturally, consumers like to use these absorbents. As a home accessory store owner, you can make a lot of profits with these absorbents.