Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Different Styles of Bath Mats That You Must Purchase For Your Bathroom

Have you ever thought this way that a bath mat can make a lot of differences to your life? Not really, right? It is more often than not that people overlook small yet important things while building up or renovating their houses. Apart from soaking up the excess water from your feet, a mat or rug prevents slippery and fall while remaining as a decorative piece in the room. Now if you are not sure about the different types of cheap bath mats available at the online manufacturing hubs, here's a quick look at some of them.

Quality white bath mat supplier

Bamboo or wooden style

For a nature lover, choosing a natural fiber like bamboo or wood will convey the importance of an eco-friendly surrounding to others. With a raised platform a wooden bath mat usa helps in vaporizing the water, drying off the feet completely which makes it last longer than the usual ones.

Cork variety

Unlike those rugs that get irritably wet and hold germs and bacteria, the ones made of cork are quite beneficial in eliminating such problems absolutely. Instead of absorbing water they release it through evaporation, making it difficult for fungus and bacteria to grow. In fact their thick yet comfy is pretty soft under the feet, allowing the opportunity to go artsy with their styles and designs.

Cotton mats

After hot steamy shower, when you come out of your bathroom, it is a genuine cotton bath mat that can absorb as much water as possible, leaving your feet completely dry and fresh. As opposed to wooden and cork ones with these you an experiment a lot with the color and design as per the interior of your bathroom and your quirks. For instance, those in a catchy color combination of red, blue and purple or with patterns of rings and stars are not only soft and smooth for your feet but also perfect to add to the urban setting of your bathroom. Now since most of them stay wet for long, it is best to find those with anti-skid bottoms to avoid slips while coming out of the shower.

Memory foam for better results

When it comes to choosing some trendy bath mats, you cannot forget those made of memory foam that are comparatively thicker but more water-absorbent than others. They can also be designed depending on the decor and preference of an individual.

Retailers, hoping to extend their stocks with wholesale bath mats can check out the above mentioned types online at the wholesale manufacturing hubs before placing their orders in bulk.

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